We help businesses of all sizes save money through minimising sick leave with mobile workplace flu shots. Our service helps Bosses show they value their staff well-being through a process that boosts the health culture of a workplace, with an evidence-based strategy. We are actively working health professionals so we come with a broader focus than simply providing immunisations.

Whether Boss pays or employee, it’s an in-house low fuss service to help protect all in the office each year from the illness that usually costs the economy thousands of productive work hours.

Easy flexible eftpos payments if needed. We always have a Doctor present at each service, with no extra fees. Smaller groups are welcome with no additional surcharge.

Staff flu shots: invest less than 12 cents/day to annually protect each staff member against flu. 

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Childcare Centres

Healthy Staff = Healthy Children
The two-way street of Healthy Centres

Perhaps we’ve been looking at Childcare Centre Health the wrong way?

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Time is money

Spend less than 2 hours on a staff wage to help save up to 7 days of sick leave.

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