Flu shot or Kleenex?

Mobile flu shots to your workplace are a great way to show you value wellness and prevention in your workplace.

Take proactive action.

Staff flu shots: invest less than 12 cents/day to annually protect each staff member against flu. 


Whether Boss pays or employee, it’s an in-house low fuss service to help protect all your staff each year.

Eftpos payments if needed. Doctor present at each service, with no extra fees. Smaller groups are welcome.

Consider hosting a pop-up clinic while you’re at it and invite local businesses & staff families to drop in.

Got other workplace health requirements?

We also specialise in assisting businesses to uphold staff immunisation standards relevant to their workplace environment, such as Hotels, Restaurants, and Early Learning & Childcare Centres. Qualified professional advice and service through fully qualified local Doctors. Contact us for a no-obligation discussion to learn what might be required for your staff.

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Childcare Centres

Are the staff are protected as the kids?!

Would families appreciate knowing their children are better immunised than the staff?

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Time is money

The flu spreading in your workplace each year CAN be helped!

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