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We do vaccines to workplaces of all types! And we come to you.

VirtueVax is a locally owned and operated Gold Coast company that is wholly committed to raising awareness in South East QLD workplaces about illnesses such as influenza and pertussis (whooping cough).

While our company’s main focus is toward Childcare Centres, all workplaces are just as crucial in minimising the risk of disease transmission throughout our community. Owners include local Gold Coast General Practitioners who are also parents and deal frequently with contagious illnesses.

Our drive behind VirtueVax stems from encountering childcare-attending children struggling with the burden of vaccine preventable illnesses firsthand in our clinics. We appreciated that many childcare centre staff presenting unvaccinated was mainly due to time inconvenience in attending a local medical practice, or due to incorrect vaccination beliefs. We decided to get out there on the road and bring the vaccine to them!

Why sign the staff medical certificates when we can be out there preventing them in the first place!?

Hope to help you soon!

Dr Jamie & team – VirtueVax



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We are available to all interested Employers!