Back to school virus prevention checklist

The return of Queensland children back to school today heralds that life is gearing back up to (somewhat) normal again. Along with this lunchbox fiasco is the timely reminder that winter and the usual colds and sniffles will be about. As children are not required to uphold social distancing measures within the classroom, it is reasonable to expect the return of the other seasonal viruses for this time of year.

While we know they have learned a whole new standard of hand hygiene and sneezing practices, the incidence of viruses in children is still likely to increase coming into the cooler months.

Notorious reoffender.

One of the most debilitating and harmful viruses is Influenza virus. The proper ‘Flu’ circumstantially holds a higher propensity to harm and hospitalise younger age-groups than typically coronavirus (from what we’ve taken on board in the recent months around children and coronavirus). The message is clear this year more than ever from Government and Health bodies, ‘get your flu shot’. Even the M1 motorway billboards are loudly spruiking of its necessity to all.

Time to Commit.

Often the decision to have the flu shot is an easy one, but the logistics to make it happen can be idealistic and inevitably become the barrier. If you’re still having the nagging thought to ‘get the flu shot’ in 2020, then rally a tribe in the driveway, or book your workplace in ASAP with our remaining stock. Medical centres have also reorganised their delivery of vaccination services to be efficient outdoor drop in facilities. It is safe to attend and get your one chance at preventing another virus ticked off.

New focusses and priorities.

So as we look to the future of a changed landscape, hopefully many new things remain. There has been a fresh approach to hygiene and health, with influenza prevention rising to the front. It’s the answer we already have that helps stem the tide of the ~1000+ deaths in Australia each year.

Prevent what you can.

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