Are you sick of sick leave? Need a booster?

Have you smashed your sick leave already for this year?? Need a booster?? Coming to the back end of flu season for 2017 (which was pretty horrible on all accounts) it’s home stretch time. All fingers are crossed that nothing jams in the way of finishing the end of year targets. So it’s heads down, bum up. It’s term 4 of school and Christmas holidays are just a sniff of hope keeping us ticking over – just!   ~Smell those prawns!!

But! The flu doesn’t disappear once ‘flu season’ ends…

On recall:

Most people recall exactly when they had the flu in the past once they’ve had a genuine case. It’s unforgettable. They’ll tell you the details of what holiday they were on, which town they were living in, or importantly, what commitment it interrupted. Interruption is Freddy Flu’s largest agenda. He isn’t just the dripping nose you can snort back and hold in through a meeting. He bails you up and slams you into the sheets for days where toileting yourself is even considered a gym workout to your quads. There are not many viruses that are more arresting to life than the flu.

If this depiction already has you sneaking back into fetal position recounting earlier 2017 ill memories, please consider the chance to limit that recurrence and plan to vaccinate yourself with a booster. It’s something more than doing nothing (*and nothing IS essentially gambling your sick leave).

Reflecting & planning the booster ahead for 2018:

We are realising now that this season’s batch of quadrivalent shots were sub-par compared to other years, probably perpetuating the catastrophe that was and still is Influenza Type A. (Click link to read more)

But 2017’s batch was still a heck of a help toward being that person who now doesn’t have to consider leave without pay in the months ahead in Xmas crunch time. To the early 2017 season ‘vaccinators’: your immunity is waning. Boosters are available now to protect and boost immunity for another 4-6 months ahead.

If you are an employee, pester your Boss to ‘VirtueVax insure’ your workplace now pre-xmas. After all, you are offering a strategy to limit everyone’s inconvenience by protecting such sacred sick leave and workplace productivity. If you are a Boss, consider the shift in culture where fostering an attitude of care and support for your staff reigns supreme and builds staff loyalty.

VirtueVax stands to protect your health, your workplace productivity, your family’s health and your community health. We will come to your workplace!  Call 1300 884 729 or contact us through this website’s online form

Consider a pre-xmas booster vaccination today and smash goals through to the prawns in time for 2018 ~ Roll on!!

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