Does the flu shot work at work?

Not another virus! “Shoo flu!!”

As a Boss or Director how often have you had the heart sink moment when you learn of an employee’s absence?

Your deadlines evaporate and monday to-do lists shrivel to being redundant as you realise your immediate agenda is scrambling to accommodate the upset workflow.

Putting out email spot fires, calling in expensive locums, reshuffling workloads against already constrained remaining staff, or worse, pushing back the deadline at the peril of loosing the job altogether.

Your reputation roller-coaster relies on your ability to strategise unexpectedly around this unforeseen inconvenience.

Is there a proven way to minimise this risk of chaos?
YES!  VirtueVax

We are a local Gold Coast mobile vaccination company that aims to help local businesses put a plan to annual staffing crisis when the flu hits each year. -And 2018’s season is sneaking up fast.

The flu usually knocks a staff member out of action for one week on average (sometimes longer). But usually it has spread prior to your first ‘man down’ in the office. =Too late.

The evidence reports decreased annual staff sick leave when most staff are vaccinated each season.

Sick staff aren’t productive (*& neither is your business!)
Take action and insurance. We come to you!

Call now 1300 884 729 or click here to make a booking enquiry.

Get in soon! Stocks are limited & we’re taking workplace bookings now.

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