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  • We’re a mobile vaccination service that aims to protect staff, protect workplace productivity and minimise staff sick days.
  • Seasonal influenza vaccinations, whooping cough boosters & more are administered on-site by fully qualified local doctors (at each service, at no extra cost).
  • Tax deductible workplace expense (note: no medicare rebates available as applying rebates to ‘mass-vaccination’ services is fraudulent).
  • Organised mobile convenience at your workplace with minimal interruption to your company’s workday.
  • We even do mobile pop-up clinics – eftpos payment. Ask us to be a host today. Click HERE to learn more.


VirtueVax is Founded and operated by a local Gold Coast Doctor Dr. Jamie-Lea Whyte who also works year-round as a GP.

We do more than just vaccinate & leave. We educate staff and explain the reasons for protecting themselves with a patient-focussed informed mindset on the day. We are about quality over quantity.

We are here to educate and promote the only medically proven insurance against catching these illnesses.

Our compassion stems from our day-to-day, first-hand experience seeing the real effects of these illnesses in the community. We would much rather vaccinate than write medical certificates!



All workplaces ~ South East Queensland

All workplaces are considered important to us in ensuring the best flu prevention can be implemented. The community always benefits when each workplace strives to lower their flu risk. From Corporate to Small Businesses, we are here to be your number 1 choice. 

Childcare Centres: Australian Children’s Education & Care Quality Authority are clear on ensuring that a duty of care does exist for staff to uphold and minimise vaccine preventable diseases within the facility (QA2). VirtueVax is focal in ensuring this recommendation is upheld along with providing facility staff appropriate evidence-based education materials to guide informed personal choice. Are you boosting your staff every 5 years for whooping cough? Is influenza really getting done each year? Are your staff taking action for themselves outside of work hours? Are the kids better protected than the staff?

Small Businesses: The extra workload from a sick colleague is especially tangible in a small business workspace. VirtueVax is motivated to come to your workplace and offer our peace of mind strategy as a tax deductible expense. We don’t charge high surcharges for small groups. 

Missing Parallax Background

workers work better when well

Childcare Centres

Healthy Staff = Healthy Children. The two-way street of Healthy Centres

You’re sick of the kids being sick but what about your sick staff?

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Time is money

Workers work better when they feel like their wellness matters to you too.

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