Childcare Centres

Perhaps we’ve been looking at Childcare Centre Health the wrong way? By default, kids will get sick! But the staff don’t have to! Are they as protected as the children?

Staff are a manageable risk

Growing research is realising that staff are often not as protected or current with immunisations as the children! Facility protocols and clearance certificates are an attempt to limit contagiousness and illness spread. The irony is that unprotected staff (who have a mature immunity) remain one of the largest manageable risks to prevent illnesses spreading. The current Australian Children’s Education & Care Quality Authority support staff vaccination requirements for illnesses such as annual Influenza and Whooping Cough as a means of upholding their duty of care to minimise vaccine preventable diseases in the facility (According to QA2).

Ref: NHMRC Staying Healthy: Preventing infectious diseases in early childhood education and care services, 2013

VirtueVax is focal in ensuring this recommendation is upheld along with providing facility staff appropriate evidence-based materials to guide informed personal choice.

VirtueVax is taking the novel approach to arrange an initial obligation-free meeting with Facility Directors to have a review of staff who might be due to boost and work toward a plan ahead that streamlines outstanding blood tests before proceeding with a vaccination service. Having a Doctor drive this service means the task gets done and results aren’t left to a Director to interpret. This is a holistic review in ensuring staff are adequately protected.

Vaccinated Workplaces receive a Certificate of Currency for display.

A Centre’s attitude toward their staff’s health is a reflection of their focus on the children. Remain exceeding in QA2!