Spending less than 2 hours of a staff wage to help save up to 7 days of sick leave makes good business sense.

Workers who are annually protected against influenza with the vaccination are 50% less likely to take sick days or visit the doctors (Nichol et al.)

Flu season means the virus is always lurking, everywhere & anywhere. Think twice about that water-cooler you touched… Influenza was getting shared long before Coronavirus handshakes became a thing!

Prevention is always more cost effective than hygiene and staff management around sick leave.

Consider this tax deductible expense as not only an investment in productivity but also an investment in your staff. This is a supreme gesture of care and demonstration of investment in the person, not just the job. Their families will also be grateful.

Be the good Boss you know you are!

Wish you could but not in a position to shout your staff?

*We also offer pop-up clinics to workplaces where staff pay on the day (eftpos) should you still wish to offer protection in a convenient manner so the job gets done. We have all options covered to help it happen with low-fuss.