The flu shot doesn’t work

OXYMORON right? Of course you’ll never know if it worked! -That’s the point!! A stellar flu shot gets you through winter without being unwell with the flu. Would you have got sick anyway without the shot? What’s so bad about the flu anyway?

Last year over 1100 Australians died from the Flu. Imagine the outrage if it were bus crash victims?! Let’s not forget, this is a preventable tragedy.

Staying well through the flu season is a priority for most with tight holiday schedules, work deadlines and higher work burden from sick leave from usual common colds that are also prevalent in higher numbers through flu season. The flu shot is your only medically proven way to reduce the chance of this interference in such a sniffly time of year.

Green smoothies aside…

Having the flu shot is a win-win as we see it. If you get it and it works, brilliant. And, if you become unfortunately unwell throughout winter despite having had the immunisation, it is either: 1. not the flu anyway (another milder common cold), or 2. even¬†if you are unlucky and it is the flu, you will likely be better off anyway for having had the immunisation (and have some immunity to assist). Yep! It still helps to work even if it ‘fails’! Take a chance on good odds.

Take a chance and have a pop-up flu clinic! We come to you.

At VirtueVax we have comparable pricing with no extra slug fees for smaller groups, and to boot, we have a fully qualified Doctor that is present at each service (streamlined experience for unexpected issues). Our Doctor is a built-in extra at no extra charge!

Flexible payment arrangements

We’re here to make things easy. We have eftpos and invoicing to suit whatever suits you & your business. Whether Boss shouts or staff pay on the day, it is all accomplished seamlessly and is tax deductible.

Let’s roll & make this happen!

If you’re interested for us to come to you (before the flu does) please fill out an online enquiry HERE. Or email us directly at [email protected] so we can send you a booking form and more information.

Hope you see you soon!

Walk into a sneeze with peace of mind this winter!

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