The 100% good enough truth about vaccine failure.

“But…But!”…. “I have my reasons” (insert – “my truth”).


“But the one time I had the flu shot I got sick from it”.

“But even when I had the flu shot I got THE FLU from it. -Even my Doctor confirmed it positive”.

“But I hardly ever get sick, and have never had the flu. Why bother?”.

“But..” And so on. It is appreciable the amount of excuses as to why not to get the flu shot. But here’s the catch, these excuses are truth. But! Are they good enough truth against the truth gamble of doing nothing?

A trust or sceptic?

Perhaps the majority of people get vaccines and simply accept and trust that it is a medical invention created with the best intention, and are at enough peace that nothing is 100% perfect in life. This concept is good enough truth for them. But there’s definitely a group of folk who interrogate and require much convincing and evidence to allay their concerns around medical interventions, especially public health interventions. (Cue the circulating satirical quip of comparing vaccines to children’s car seats in recent times. Read the online article here.) We really do seem to be living in an era of ultimate scepticism which perhaps is flared along by social media and the accessible and informative World Wide Web. How connected we all are courtesy of this wonderful web!? And yet how ironic that this connectedness has spurred on an age of division, opinions and raging groups all peddling (err, typing) their fierce agendas. So powerfully aligned are we to these screen-based communities! It’s online warfare! Don’t get us started on trolls…

Born to be wild…and sceptical!

It is a noble motive to be of such interrogative spirit indeed. A level of due diligence is always highly recommended when engaging in any new affair. But quite often it seems poorly spent energy when compelling evidence (and online communities who will be held accountable should they not speak the appropriate truth) stands against their pre-existing anti-hypothesis. Why? Why keep painstakingly trawling the web for the elusive piece of ‘evidence’ supporting the concept you are only wanting to see as your truth, and not even acknowledge you’ve ignored the most reputable and accepted channels of truth along your quest? When can we simply trust? Where does this constant suspicion actually take you? To a place of peace? Hopefully! -Peace all. Peace!

Fear not sceptics! Peace is here!

VirtueVax supports all who seek to find the truth. We recognise that some people do not accept good enough truth as soon as others. Our website ( references a multitude of good enough reputable (and accountable) sites of evidence and information to speak truth into the situation of flu immunisation debate.

Truth be told. 

YES! You MAY get sick proximal to the time of having a flu needle (but did you sit next to someone with a fever in the doctor’s waiting room prior to having the consult??….just a thought…Or…perhaps…perhaps you felt ill with side effects known to happen?). And YES! You CAN catch the flu after having been immunised – not ALL strains are predicted in the concoction of vaccines for that season! AND, not always do they work 100% effectively in each person. There are a multitude of variables such as age, host immunity function and window periods that can make each vaccination less effective from person to person. And YES, thank GOODNESS and it’s GOOD LUCK that you managed to survive a flu season without immunisation and did not catch the flu. Hoorah! But the (medical) truth is, it was luck (not your spirulina power shot each morning – it ain’t solid evidence, but yes, it can be your truth). But hey, your truth about these things is also our truth too. We agree.

The reason people choose to not vaccinate is *usually* because of one of these ‘truths’. We get it. It’s an oddity to us though why people use this as a reason against the choice to vaccinate – like it’s some special news we as health professionals didn’t get the memo for. Sometimes it’s even said with such informative tone like a ‘FYI – did you know!’? Yes! We know. We know about these failure facts.

But we don’t think it’s a good enough reason (according to our truth).

But let’s not confuse your truth with evidence.

Doctors may even have their own personal truths that aren’t necessarily medical standards of evidence, but they as a professional individual are at risk of being held to legal account if they peddle them and lead others to believe them (and it causes harm). Real consequences exist in truths. So be honest about yours and ensure you always try to weigh it up against evidence. Reputable evidence.

Here at VirtueVax, we are NOT here to trick or deceive, only to offer the (medical) truth. The choice is yours as to whether this is good enough truth for you right now.

So relax.

Close your eyes and imagine you are actually in the safest of hands in knowing our truth (medical truth) is good enough truth. Take in the smell of peace and hope that immunisation against the flu for 2018 is a fairly smart decision against doing nothing and riding the lottery of lurgy luck. Let your fear of vaccine failure not govern you into a place of angst and despair, or worse, inaction (aka sometimes referred in this context as omission bias).

Trust. Take a good gamble on good truth. -And evidence. We know nothing is 100%. But that’s still good enough for us! Embrace the flu season ahead with confidence in doing something, rather than nothing. Is it your truth or your fear holding you back?


Check out this refreshing insight that reminds us all to be kind to those who have truths based on (or acted out of) fear.

And if you’re still seeking to find another reason not to vaccinate this year, perhaps you might find your reason here.

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