So why VirtueVax for my company??

As another large flu season winds down the media is shedding light on the cost to our economy. As a GP when most people enter my consult room ‘sick’ my pen signs more medical certificates than antibiotic scripts because time and rest are the best fix of all.

If you’re an employer, boss or even manager,  I encourage you to reflect on the last few months and think about the extra stress caused by last minute “sick call-ins” and how this affected the workplace dynamic, job flow and even lost jobs due to staffing issues (even your own health). You’re usually still paying these employees their leave entitlements, but you’re also paying additionally in other ways -with lost productivity. Our services each year are proven in some studies to cut staffing sick leave by a significant amount. Have a think what this number means to you and give us a call or complete our online contact form. Is that number worth a gamble, or does our insurance policy stack up? If nothing changes, then nothing changes.

We hope to see you soon!

Dr Jamie, Director VirtueVax

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